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NewbieIDE is a very lightweight and portable C++ IDE written in VB.NET and using MingW GCC as compiler. NewbieIDE does not focus on having as many features as possible, instead we strive to maximize novice-user friendliness.

There are our first milestones
  • NewbieIDE must be very small. It should be around 10-15mb after compressed.
  • NewbieIDE must be portable. It does not need any installation
  • NewbieIDE must be easy to use and fast. While most C++ IDE focus on create project before they can start write C++ code and run. NewbieIDE has a very straightforward interface. It starts with a text editor and press F5 to run.
  • NewbieIDE is built for using it educational purpose. It must provide some assistance in which other IDE fail to provide for those who just start learning C++.

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